The Evanesse Story

The Kasselot-Evanesse story began in 2004, South Africa, when the daughter of founder, Lee-Anne Kassel, was born. Unable to find a comfortable yet fashionable maternity bra that she could wear without breast pad inserts, Lee-Anne decided to create one instead. Since then, Kasselot (Pty) Ltd. has been devoted to creating maternity lingerie using patented evaporative technology that absorbs milk moisture. No more embarrassing leaks. No more discomfort.

The company's signature product, Evanesse leak-proof nursing bra, won Lee-Anne the finalist award for Cartier Women's Initiative (2008) due to its innovative technology that allows women to breastfeed without the hassle and discomfort of nursing pads. Thanks to Lee-Anne's invention, women can enjoy the advantages of breastfeeding with grace, style, ease, and comfort so you can focus on what truly matters - your nursing time with baby.