Evanesse Leak-Proof Nursing Bra

with Evaporative Technology

Say Goodbye to Breast Pad Inserts

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There was no leaking or any uncomfortable feeling even when my breasts did leak. I definitely prefer wearing your bra than breast pads purely because of the fact that it is far more convenient and comfortable.

Gerda Huminski

It is absolutely wonderful because you don't have to wear breast pads, you don't see any leakage, and it absorbs fantastically.

Henriette van Loggenburg

I am very impressed. They are not only comfortable but my clients experienced no leakage throughout the day.

Dr Yasmine Cellers

I have been measuring and fitting nursing bras for close to 10 years. One of my clients . . . was most impressed with the fit and comfort. During the hours she wore it there was no leakage and she did not need breast pads.

Morgan Harris

I gave the bra to my sister and she adores it. She said she never bought any breast pads and did not leak. The concept is phenomenal.

Lucy Phiri

Personally I find the bra to be very comfortable. It definitely prevents leaking and I have not had to wear breastpads with it (a definite plus as I usually have to wear breastpads and find them bulky, uncomfortable, and hot in summer). I have found that I can wear the leakproof bra for a 24hour stretch with out any problems before washing it and can highly recommend this product to any breast feeding mom!

Rene Irons

The only one of its kind.

Patented with evaporative technology, our products use your body's natural heat to absorb, diffuse, and evaporate lactation leakage.

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Did you know that 24% of nursing mothers get nipple thrush each year? Our nursing bra quickly draws milk moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable which helps reduce the chance of nipple thrush.


By providing products that you can wash and wear again and again, we contribute to pollution reduction of disposable nursing pad inserts - and we're designed to last - making for a more economical, earth-friendly world!

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The average cost of disposable breast pads is $10 / month. This can add up depending on how long you nurse. Our nursing bra gives you the confidence of absorbent disposables without the need to purchase pads - helping families save.